Erik Aschan Zürcher
(Eric Asch an Surcher)

MP 3

Erik G W Zürcher and Erik Aschan
"in English"

Side A

1. Got to know the way
2. Well my baby left me
3. People, people
4. Tellé me, what!?
5. You know how to jump
6. To Michelle (Well, I wrote this song for you)
7. If you ever change your mind

Side B

1. Ain´t got my way
2. I can see (in your ice!)(eayes!)
3. Silly man (why don´t you pick up your heart!?)(again?!)
4. You said you didn´t like that sort of game (yes, you can walk upon the hill!)
5. And when I come home
6. Wintersnow
7. You (we) got to make it! (Against the nazists)

Side C

1. Someday you will understand
2. Something I heard when I was small (D-major)
3. Tomorrow (, is just another day!)
4. I was surrounded (, by the police!)
5. I don´t care about the way I stand
6. Finish - rock, vol 2
7. It´s good sometimes (summertimes)
8. What´s the matter with me?
9. When the wind blows

Side D

1. Vrechtenia
2. Leim, leim
3. I am open for you
4. Tonight(´s),(,you gonna burn down all your bad sides)
5. I sit here (, all alone)
6. Everybody(´s),(, tried to help you!)

2004 - 15 ex

Sliten artefakt från Eriks gamla gömmor
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